Accessory Cord

Price: $0.20 – $0.67

Accessory cords come in a range of diameters and color options. ORDER PER FOOT.

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Accessory cords come in a wide range of diameters and color options that make them tremendously versatile for climbing and rescue applications.  Our cord is twisted at the sheath yarn in all cords 3mm and up making them last longer. The smaller diameter cords (1.5mm-5mm) work great as non-life-safety applications. Larger cords (6mm-9mm) are best suited for prusik cords, cordelettes, lightweight low-stretch fixing and hauling "tag" lines. Cords are offered in a variety of spooled lengths from 15m to 200m lengths as well as custom cuts.

  • 3mm MBS @ 594 lbs (2.6kN)
  • 4mm MBS @ 1034 lbs (4.6kN)
  • 5mm MBS @ 1134 lbs (5.0kN)
  • 6mm MBS @ 1955 lbs (8.7kN)
  • 7mm MBS @ 2832 lbs (12.6kN)
  • 8mm MBS @ 4270 lbs (19kN)
  • 9mm MBS @ 3770 lbs (16.7kN)

Warning: accessory cords are not for use as lead climbing ropes.

Weight: .032 oz