Petzl CARITOOL Small (End-of-Series)

Price: $6.97

**End-of-Series - Limited Stock Remaining**

The Caritool Small is a non-load-bearing gear holder that attaches to the harness. We have used it for holding small tools on the job, as well as for ice screws and cams when we're cragging. 

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**End-of-Series - Limited Stock Remaining**

Tool holder

A tool holder designed to organize gear attached to a harness.

* Ice-screws, pitons, cams, as well as small tools, can be arranged and accessed with one hand.
* Attaches to the webbing of a harness waist belt.
* The clip on the inside of the tool holder helps stabilize its position on the harness.
* Its carabiner shape allows for easy organization of gear.
* There is a small hole at the top for attaching a keeper cord, to help prevent dropping critical gear.
* Durable and lightweight.


Technical specifications

Warning: this tool holder is not a load bearing device. It can only carry the weight of gear up to 5 kg.

Weight: 35 g