Sterling HTP Static Rope

Price: $1.07 – $1.49

A supple, high strength and low stretch rope for working at height and rescue. ORDER PER FOOT.

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HTP (high tenacity polyester) Static offers advantages such as less than 1% stretch per 300-pound load, UV resistance, and suppleness retention. With a polyester core and sheath activities such as hauling, jumaring, and rappelling are more efficient. HTP provides UV resistance, which is critical where ropes are exposed to ultra-violet light (UV), for long periods of time. HTP retains its suppleness and smooth handling far longer than traditional static ropes, even after repeated use. Price per foot. Tracer colors will vary. Weights per foot will vary by rope diameter and length. UL Certified to NFPA 1983, 2001. ORDER ON A PER FOOT BASIS.

3/8" (10.5mm)

  • Provides high strength and low stretch, ideal for lightweight fixing and hauling/tag lines.
  • MBS @ 6,350 lbs (28.2 kN)

7/16" (11mm)

  • Suited for situations where there will be excessive amounts of heavy jumaring, hauling, and high exposure to sharp objects.
  • MBS @ 7,791 lbs (34.7 kN) 

1/2" (13mm)

  • Suited for tower construction, short haul helicopter rescue, high angle technical rescue, and industrial safety applications.
  • MBS @ 9,557 lbs (42.5 kN)

WARNING: HTP should never be used in situations where any potential for shock-loading (such as a fall) may occur. It will result in very high impact forces. In these situations, a nylon static or dynamic rope would be more appropriate.

Weight: .045 lb